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How to Infuse Olive Oil: Domestic Corner Precision No Drip Oil and Vinegar Infuser and Dispenser

My mother’s side of the family (the Italian side) has been in the food business for six generation. Anytime we’d go out to a restaurant with our grandmother, there was always an analysis of any particularly good dish and how she could duplicate it at home. I remember a time we were enjoying a particularly excellent bread that came with a lemon infused olive oil for dipping. It wasn’t a tremendously pronounced lemon taste. There was no acidity to it at all. Just a light, fresh, slight taste of lemon that did not overpower the taste of the olive oil (if you are using a high-quality oil, then it should taste good on its own merits.) It was simply a co-existing lemon note to the olive note.Of course, Granny made it better at home.I have tried to duplicate the recipe, but I have always found dedicated olive oil infusers to be messy, or I have had difficulty pouring out the right amount of oil. Whether it is adding it to a recipe or onto a salad, the right amount of olive oil can make or break a dish. So I am very happy to have found Domestic Corner’s Precision No Drip Oil and Vinegar Infuser and Dispenser.First off, this is one good looking dispenser. It is made of thick, high-quality glass and has a Louboutin Red stripe where the dispenser button is located. It is also a generous size: 17 oz, which allows for infusing and dispensing larger quantities of oil. If you use olive oil regularly or are feeding a group, it’s great to be able to infuse and decant either a little or a lot of oil.Second, it is incredibly easy to measure exactly how much oil you want to use. By pressing the button on the bottle, oil is brought to the measuring chamber at the top. You can see the measurements exactly – teaspoon, tablespoon, even milliliters. From there you can easily and precisely drizzle the oil onto your dish. There is no sputtering or uneven pouring, just a slow, controlled dispensation. If you are interested in infusing your oil, there are plenty of recipes on the internet, but here is my spin on the lemon-infused olive oil recipe: peel the rind of a lemon in thin strips (ideally a Meyer Lemon, as it will have a lemon taste with less acidity.) Twist the strips gently to extract the lemon oil. Add them to the olive oil and leave it in the oil for 12 hours. It will produce a light, fresh lemon taste without being too tart or overpowering.An “off-label” use for this item is for beauty. If you use an oil like Safflower Oil on your skin, this is a fantastic way to dispense the right amount of oil for use without contaminating the rest of the product.Find it at https://=sr_1_2?m=A19NVE4G6SOT2C&s=beauty&ie=UTF8&qid=1473718810&sr=1-2&keywords=domestic+cornerI received this item for testing and review purposes. If you have any questions about my experience with it, leave it in the comments section below, and I’ll do my best to answer it!#domesticcorner
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