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Sever Points for Bottle praduction


[China Glass Net] The quality of glass bottles is closely related to the design and quality of glass bottles, production equipment, and mold manufacturing. A key step in the production of glass bottles is proofing. We usually look at the proofing problem. First, the proofing party should know what grades its products are, what are the special requirements for physical and chemical properties and appearance, and then understand the quality of the products produced by the producers. See if the producer can produce glass bottles of similar quality to the proofing side. This step of proofing directly affects the manufacturing cost and quality of the Glass Bottle, so it cannot be ignored.

1, glass bottle mold cost problem

If the ordinary mold is about 1500-2000 yuan, if the glass bottle requires a good appearance, the dimensional deviation is very strict, it is recommended to use the spray welding mold, the price is nearly doubled, so from the proofing point of view, some manufacturers accept Thousands of molds, if they failed a few times, they lost money. The main waste of production time is too high. In fact, the cost of the mold is not what the manufacturer wants, but the mold factory.

Especially for shaped bottles, many products have undergone many improvements to produce qualified samples. Or the process is different, the equipment is different, and different equipment may be difficult to make the same product.

Many domestic wine bottles and wine bottles are imported equipment. If you need to find a professional manufacturer in this area, then the price, with the improvement of China's economic level, our labor costs have increased a lot, compared with developed countries. OK, but it is high for underdeveloped countries, especially in the past few years, labor costs have risen, and coal and natural gas have risen. As transportation costs rise, product unit prices have increased a lot. (Probably because of the support of tax rebates) The domestic price war on conventional products is quite fierce. Therefore, we have a very good attitude when we make products. The price of good quality products must be high, and the quality of products with low prices is equivalent.

2, material quality

If the bottle requires good material quality and the requirement is to reach the medicinal glass material, it is better to produce it in a qualified glass factory, which meets the requirements of the coded performance. Now for molded bottles: most are small-capacity injection bottles and large-capacity infusion bottles. The brown bottle is mainly a syrup oral liquid bottle.

If the appearance is very good, the bottle is required to have good transparency and good finish. You can use high white material or some crystal white material, mainly high-grade wine bottles, and think about Wuliangye and gold wine bottles. Then there is the bottle of the daily chemical series, but the physical and chemical properties of such products are worse than the medicinal materials, and some will have high temperature rupture, and some indicators are beyond the regulations.

3, the production and price of glass bottles

If the glass bottle with a capacity of 250-300 ml or more is recommended to be produced by a drip machine, most of the domestic ones are 6 single or 8 single.

If the capacity is 250-50 ml, it is recommended to use a double drip machine. Most of the domestic is 6 pairs or 8 pairs.

If the capacity is 50-5 ml, there are now 3 drops and 4 drops in the country. 5 drops, 6 drops of equipment, this request has a large number

4, glass bottle proofing time:

Now all the glass bottles in the market economy are competing with each other, they want to get a larger number of orders and have better profits. If they are sure to receive more orders as a salesman, some have done a long time. A good glass bottle manufacturer has a detailed review process for the order, but the review time may be longer. Generally, the small company is very flexible. After getting the sample, it feels like it can be done. The sample can be produced in 20 days. We can count, from the sample production, it is generally to find a professional mold manufacturer to do the mold, and some are their own processing, drawing drawings from the bottle (2-3 days), the customer confirms (1-2 days) to do the mold if it is A single drop of 6 sets or a set of 4 sets of at least 10 sets of molds, mold production takes time, about 10 days, (if the sample mold will hurry) plus other time 5 days, so faster 20 Days, and then arrange the machine proofing, it is estimated to be 5 days, so that it is close to a month, but now many custom parties require 15 or 20 days to get samples, so the producers have to hurry in some aspects, some Even in the case of unmatched production line proofing, products with less stringent quality requirements can be used. If it is a special-shaped product, it is difficult to produce qualified samples if the material properties and mold design are not matched.

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