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Bottle selection needs to pay attention to the shape of the glass bottle


[China Glass Net] The shape of the bottle on the market is diverse. Today we will learn about the bottle. According to the shape of the Glass Bottle, it can be divided into a round glass bottle, a gourd-shaped annular glass bottle, and a small glass bottle with a handle; according to the diameter of the glass bottle, it can be divided into a standard glass bottle, a wide-bore glass bottle; and other functional glass. Bottles, such as disposable glass bottles, flat glass bottles, and glass bottles with a 45-degree angle. Let's take a look at these glass bottles in detail with the glass bottle factory.

Press the shape of a glass bottle

Round glass bottle: suitable for babies 0-3 months. During this period, the baby's milk and drinking water are mainly fed by the mother. The round glass bottle has a smooth inner neck and the liquid inside is smooth. Breast-fed babies use a small glass bottle when drinking water, and a large glass bottle for breast milk. Babies fed in other ways are fed with a large glass bottle to allow the baby to eat at one time.

Gourd-shaped, ring-shaped glass bottle: For more than 4 months, the baby has a strong desire to grasp things. The gourd-shaped glass bottle is like a small dumbbell. The ring-shaped glass bottle is a long round "O" shape, they are all convenient for the baby. The small hands hold to meet their own desire to eat milk.

Small glass bottle with handle: A baby of about one year old can drink milk in a glass bottle, but it is often unstable. This glass bottle similar to the practice cup is specially prepared for them, two movable handles. It is convenient for the baby to hold with a small hand, and the handle can be adjusted according to the posture, sitting and lying down.

According to the diameter of the glass bottle

Glass bottles can be divided into standard glass bottles and wide-bore glass bottles according to their caliber. When the baby is sucking, the lips will resist the base of the nipple. For this reason, the design of this part will directly affect the baby's acceptance of the glass bottle. The children's product designer designed a wide-caliber nipple designed according to the mother's breast. The soft and wide base is similar to the mother's breast, and the baby sucks as if it is holding the mother's breast. The use of such a nipple must be accompanied by a wide-bore glass bottle.

Other functions of glass bottles

There are special needs for babies, as well as functional glass bottles specially prepared for them. For example, there are glass bottles specially designed for "rabbit lips" babies, premature babies, and sick children; disposable glass bottles and flat glass bottles that are convenient for going out; glass bottles that are good for the baby to suck at a 45-degree angle, etc. .

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