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Global Group Co., Ltd., Yibin, Sichuan, located in the Glass Industrial Park of Yibin Wuliangye Group as well as in Longquan District and Shuangliu County of Chengdu, is a backbone company of Wuliangye Group.Covering an area of more than 2,000mu, the Company has RMB3.7 billion fixed assets and more than 6,000 working staff. In 2014, the Company`s sales revenue reached RMB5.014 billion . Global Group is a modern enterprise covering production, R&D and design of glass and opto-electro products as well as domestic and overseas trading. The Company mainly produces a series of Wuliangye glass bottles, high-class glass bottles, process bottles, household glassware, glass insulators, optical...

Categories and Products


Wine Glass

Wholesale Various Shot Glass and Goblet Competitive Price Opal Glass Tea Set Whiskey Tequila Brandy Spirit Liquor Shot Glass Set 


Hot Sale Milk Glass Teaware of Chinese Style New Product Borosilicate Glass Teapotpot Mug and Teacup of Various Glass Types 

Jar or Glass Container

Sloping Shoulder Olive Oil Glass Bottle Oil Glass Bottle of Spraying Clear Wide Mouth Glass Shot Cup for Alcohol 

Vodka Bottle

Round Ocean Glass Vodka Bottle Screen Printing Narrow Mouth Unique Carved Glass Bottle New Product Royal Crown Shape Frosting Vodka Bottle Narrow Mouth Grand Mongolia Kaan Vodka Bottle Hot Sale Transparent Long Shape Clear Bottle Glazing Glass Vodka Zebra Decorative Label Bottle Round Shape Screen Printing Vodka Glass Bottle Cylinder and Round Bottom Vodka Glass Bottle Luxe Premium Vodka Standard Bottle DOT AU Vodka Glass Bottle Screen Printing Glass Vodka Bottle Custom Bottle Vodka Glass Bottle with Round Shape Standard Shape Glass Vodka Bottle Antique Square Shape Vodka Galss Bottle Glassic Square Shape Vodka Glass Bottle Luxury Russian Vodka Bottle with Antique Shape Sparkling Vodka Bottle with Sloping Shoulder Shape Vodka Bottle with Square Shape and Round Bottom Russian Vodka Glass Bottle with Special Shape Clear Bottle with Cap Square Shape 

Craft Bottle

Long Shape Tiny Mouth Dragon Glass Craft Antique Craft Cylinder Shape Dragon Liquor Glass bottle Round Shape Crown Golden Rim Glass Liquor Bottle New Design Thermal Resistance Glass Craft Phoenix Revival Wuliangye Successful Sailing Glass Craft Bottle Creative Design of Borosilicate Glass Craft Bottle Wuliangye Double Dragon Glass Bottle Wuliangye Glass Bottle of Dragon Boat Sailing Creative Sloping Shoulder Glass Diamond Bottle Craft Glassware Borosilicate Bottle Wuliangye Glass Bottle of Dragon Craft Product Craft Glassware Lion-like Bottle Swarovski Crystal Bottle Product Craft Swarovski Crystal Bottle Crystal Swarovski Glass Bottle Swarovski Crystal Glass Bottle Swarovski Crystal Glassware Bottle Swarovski Glass Bottle Exquisite Collection 

Wine Bottle

Ridgeside Icewine Glass Bottle Standard Shaped Cotton Candy Liquor Bottle with Standard Shape Creative Glass Bottle Gourd Shape and Crystalline Diamond Wholesale XO Cognac Glass Bottle Antique Chinese Liquor Glass Bottle Original Cognac Glass Bottle with Long Neck Cognac Glass Bottle with Round Shape Transparent Glass Bottle of Pyramid Shape High Shoulder Square Shape Liquor Bottle XO Armenia Cognac Glass Bottle Special Shape Glass Bottle with Intaglio Printing Special Shape Glass Bottle with Intaglio Printing Design High Shoulder Glass Bottle Printing and Golden Decal Special Shape Glass Bottle with Screen Printing Classical Glass Bottle of Transparent and Printing Standard Glass Wine Bottle Semigloss Printing Unique Carved Glass Transparent Bottle Long Neck Glass Bottle Screen Printing Wine Bottle Narrow Mouth and Blue Printing Wine Bottle Orange Color Printing 

Rum Bottle

Platinum Rum Glass Bottle Element 8 Rum Glass Bottle Carved and Decal Paper General Type Glass Bottle Blue Bridge Alcohol Glass Bottle Carved Shoulder Frosting Bottle Glass Bottle Standard Shape Rum Bottle Cotton Candy Frosted Glass Bottle 

Tequila Bottle

Reposado Glass Round Shape Bottle Tequila Glass Bottle Transparent and Round Shape Screen Printing Tequila Bottle 500ml Tequila Bottle Human Complexion Glass Bottle with Cap 

Spirits Bottle

Semigloss Spirit Liquor Glass Bottle Langjiu 1912 Liquor Golden Glass Bottle Round Shape Glass Bottle with Golden Decal Round Glass Liquor Bottle with Gradual Color Chinese Liquor Bottle with Sloping Shoulder Classic Chinese Liquor Bottle of Luzhou Lao Jiao Porcelain-like Liquor Bottle of Chinese Painting Wuliangye Gold Premium Liquor Glass Bottle Special Shape Glass Bottle with Golden Decal Paper Chinese Liquor Glass Bottle with Round Shape Langjiu Chinese Liquor Glass Bottle Round Shape Luzhou Lao Jiao Glass Bottle with Special Shape Xifeng Jiu Chinese Liquor Glass Bottle Wuliangye Frosted Glassware Bottle Wuliangye Glass Bottle of Screen Printing Chinese Liquor Glass Bottle Wuliangye Glass Bottle from Wuliangye Giant Distillery Chinese Liquor Bottle White and Blue Porcelain Sale Spirits Glass Bottle Spirits Glass Bottle Wholesale 

Gin Bottle

Brooklyn Gin Glass Bottle OEM Product Golden Decal Square Shape Glass Bottle Standard Shape Gin Glass Bottle Round Shape Lower Slope Glass Bottle Square Shape Glass Bottle OEM 375ml glass wine bottle Good Price Glass Bottle Gin Glass Bottle Sale 

Whisky Bottle

OEM Glass Bottle Hot-baking and Decal Labeled Narrow Mouth Special Shoulder Glass Bottle Special Design Shape Glass Bottle 

Brandy Bottle

Antique Round Shape XO Super Crystal Glass Bottle Brandy Glass Bottle Round Shape OEM glass vodka bottle Slope Shape Vodka Bottle Glass Bottle Brandy Glass Bottle Slope Shape 

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